Main Product & Service
  Mentor Graghics PADS2007 PCB Design Solutions
    PADS is the Windows-based standard for PCB design solutions. Complete PCB design solution combining┬áschematic definition with powerful layout and simulation tools. Integrated design environment combines ease of use with functional depth. Maintain design integrity with the latest analysis and simulation tools. PCB designs ranging from basic to complex
  CAM350 Verify and Optimize PCB Designs
    CAM350 is a powerful solution easing the transition of engineering data into physical PCBs. It eases the inspection, preparation, and manufacturing of PCB designs, increases speed and accuracy of all processes, and ensures optimal fabrication flow. CAM350 offers a complete PCB flow, from design through fabrication, that streamlines the transition of engineering data into successful, physical PCBs.
 PCB Design Service
    PCB design 2-32 Layers, Basic to Complex design. Hi-speed PCB design, Impledance control, Length control, Crosstalk, EMC/EMI.